The technoid insanity was born in Frankfurt in 1976. Affected by the Frankfurt clubbing scene in the 90ties, Torty came to Music Production by accident. In 1999 his home turntables were changed by the first samplers and so the music career began...

Torty founded the "Clubhopper Frankfurt" in 1999 and arranged several tours to clubs and parties, mostly connected to his live acts. By stopping djing in 2003, it became quiet around Torty and he lived a longer time away from the party life, applying himself not only to music but also to designing three-dimensional pictures and sculptures which were published and released under the name "Matten Art Dimension".
In 2006 Torty was back from darkness organizing the "Elektro Stammtisch" till 2008 and touring through Frankfurt and different locations. The beginning was the cult dance club "Funkadelic" in Frankfurt, being transformed to a space ship by him and his crew. Idea, Concept and the decoration came from his mind.

Driven by the desire of bringing the spirit of the 90ies back to life again, Torty was working together with different international DJ's to get this done on his events. Musically, Torty has grown again since the turn of the millennium, surprising the crowd again and again with spheric machine sounds and a touch of "Back to the Roots". Since 2007 Torty is occupying himself even more intensively on productions and working as an remix artist for different musicians from various styles. His tracks were released as CD's as well as digital e.g. on B12 Records, TimeZone and Zentimantel, just to name a few.
In December 2008 Torty started his artist platform "Xenomorph Promotion & Events" and is planning and organizing events, so the electronic music scene was enriched by another party crew. Beside his 30 Xenomorph events and the participation as official floor partner of the I-Motion on Ruhr in Love 2009 and 2010, Torty is writing scene reports for different magazines like Livetorymarkt.
2010 Torty and his Xenomorph crew fusioned with Monti-Music, going a joint musical way. At the moment they are active on the internet communities and - it's worth a click!

In January 2010 Torty started his "Nostromo Radio Show" reaching cult status with his self produced space ship sounds within a short time. Beside the artists of Xenomorph and Monti-Music he's also giving chances to promising newcomers. Every 14 days you have the chance to listen to Torties new show. Furthermore, he's presenting the "Xenomorph Radio Show" on and is playing with the sounds on this Berlin radio station since February 2011. Latest projects with the "Electric Dance Theatre" or "Planet Bass Records" are promising an exciting musical future with Torty for a long time!

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Nov 18, 2011
Jun 15, 2011

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