Born and raised in one of the outer districts in Frankfurt, Tom Da Vinci found his interest in Synth Pop Music at the age of 14, having favorites like Depeche Mode, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb and other artists and acts of this style.Soon he discovered and changed his interest to electronic dance music, starting with mixing tunes. After a couple of private parties Tom stood behind the decks in a dance club in his region for the first time...

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Born 1977 and raised in Leipzig / Germany in 1990 he discovered his love for electronic music production. Equipped with a "Commodore Amiga 500" he ventured his first compositional experiments in a 4 tracks offering software sequencer called "Soundtracker". There were experimental and little-known pieces of music. Later he used a much better 486 PC with the sequencer "Fasttracker II" but the greatest success has been self-copied CDs in the tuned cars of his friends. For reasons still not clarified exactly he stoped his musically work in 2000...

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“DJ DAG” is known as the "Godfather of Trance", he gave "the child's name" when he start in 1991 with his Project "Dance 2 Trance".

Since that point, he was his definition of Trance always remained faithful. His sound is unique and its reputation is legendary. Dag's DJ career began in 1985 in the "Music Hall" in Frankfurt, other important milestones in his career were the "Club UK /Complex" in London, "1015 Folsom" in San Francisco, the legendary Underground Club "Omen", the "Dorian Gray", "U60311" and "Cocoon" in Frankfurt. All german attention he gained by his early sets at the "HR3 Clubnight", he belongs to their resident DJ´s since 1993...

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Alex Bexter, better known as "Planet Bass", born in the near of Frankfurt (Germany), CEO and founder of PB-Records (Planet Bass Records), well-known and respected producer and Dj since the early ´90, discovers his passion for the world of "EDM" at the young age of 15.

He starts djing two years later at private parties, improving his technique and making people happy. His preferred style of music is uplifting & progressive trance and also house. Initially he tried producing many styles but trance was always the one for him. His first success in the "EDM" scene came in the early 2000...

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The technoid insanity was born in Frankfurt in 1976. Affected by the Frankfurt clubbing scene in the 90ties, Torty came to Music Production by accident. In 1999 his home turntables were changed by the first samplers and so the music career began... Torty founded the "Clubhopper Frankfurt" in 1999 and arranged several tours to clubs and parties, mostly connected to his live acts...

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